squire_caspian (squire_caspian) wrote,

From this point on, Caspian's journal is now friends only! Gasp! Why? Because it's so dang interesting!!!!! Ha, no not really ;) Just a choice made on a whim. Doubtful anyone but you guys read this thing anyway! If anyone else does read his journal and would like to be added as a friend to see his innermost thoughts, just leave a comment! And Katz .. I have no idea who you are (though I think I do...) so you should count yourself lucky! =D
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I DO consider myself lucky.

Lucky meee.

And yes, you do know me. I might even tell you who I am.


I read it and I should play more

Congrats on being made a knight
I want to read! Please!
Me! Me! I want to read, please?
*nudges insistently*
*peeeers* You have to let me know who you are first! =D
*clicks her tongue* Well sure then, get all damn technical on me. *snickers* On the off chance I get a wild hair and feel like dawdling over...*sneaky sneaky*

-The Army of Sol *rawr*
Psst! Would love to read... please add me? :) Annabelle/Pixwix x
Added! =D
Wish I could be added... ~Carina
Wish granted. Just consider me a genie in a bottle!